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7 Questions to Ask During the Mortgage Process

7 Questions to Ask During the Mortgage Process

When starting the process of buying your first home or looking for your forever home getting your pre-approval should be one of your first steps after meeting with your realtor.

Richard Ruble, with Vandyk Mortgage provided us with seven questions you shoud be sure to ask your mortgage officer during the mortgage process.

Question 1:
What is the maximum purchase price I can qualify for?

Question 2:
What will my monthly housing payment be? At that price and does that include property taxes, insurance, and/or HOA fees?

Question 3:
How much should I be prepared to pay in total closing costs for this transaction? Can
those numbers change for any reason?

Question 4:
How do my options change if I put more money down or less money down?

Question 5:
I don’t want to spend the maximum, so what purchase price do I need to stay under to keep my monthly housing payment less than $____/month?

Question 6:
Are there any potential hurdles/barriers that you envision with my loan scenario? What can I be working on or preparing for now to make this go more smoothly?

Question 7:
Are there any specialty programs that I might qualify for? What are the
pros and cons of getting a 30-year fixed rate loan vs a 10/1, 7/1, 5/1 ARM, etc.?

To get your answers to these and any other questions you have regarding your mortgage, contact Richard Ruble at (954) 210-9115 or

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